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I recorded a new painting video, this time of the beautiful and badass Julie Strain.

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The new Spying with Lana uncut ebook is now on sale!

Lana has just completed one her toughest missions, and it’s time to head home — but getting home might be her toughest mission yet!

Please check it out HERE!

I've published a new video on my Youtube Channel, this one a process video for a promo image I did for :icondavebarrack:'s Grrl Power comic.

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I recorded a new painting video, this time of beautiful Korean motorsports model Im Ji Hye.

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Been a while, huh? I finally did another video, this one a speed paint process video of my painting of Rosie Jones, the beautiful British glamour model.

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The new Spying with Lana graphic novel Lana's Big Book of Sex & Violence has just been released!
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120 pages of uncut & uncensored action! This book collects all the sexy spy-jinks of Lana’s cases Object of Desire, Tricks of the Trade, The Unusual Bedside Manner of Naughty Nurse Lana, and It Girl, plus extra scenes and pin-ups not seen in the online comic!

Please check it out here!
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Lana's new case Black Ops, White Lies starts today!

Even a ruthless and deadly assassin needs a friend sometimes. But with friends like Lana, who needs enemies?!

Please check it out!
A little baseball humor there :D (very little, in fact.)

I little while ago I did a list of some of my favorite deviants with Patreon pages. It's been a while, so I thought I'd add a few more to the list that you should check out.

Patreon page for :iconalbonia: who does the excellent women's wrestling comic Rival Angels. There's a monthly art raffle, early page previews, commissions and more.

Patreon page for :iconmechangel2002: a really skilled pin-up artist in both color and b&w. There's a request pool where you can add your ideas, commissions of all kinds, and more.

Patreon page for :iconnunchaku: a superb artist and creator of 6 Men High Tall Tale. You can get exclusive comic pages and pin-ups and more.

Patreon page for :iconbokuman: a terrific anime-style pin-up artist. Commission raffles, process videos, lots of cool stuff to get.

Patreon page for :iconshilin: an excellent and popular artist and creator of Carciphona. You can get some cool instructional rewards, like videos and manga how-to's.

Also don't forget to check out the Patreons of these great creators from my previous list:
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Lana's new uncut ebook The Cat's Meow with new pages and new extras is now available!

One of the Agency's (as usual) unreliable assets may be double-dealing with the enemy, and it's up to sexy spy Lana to find out the truth- even if it kills her!

Please check it out HERE!

I made a new process video of my painting of Black Cat (you can see the finished picture here) for my Youtube Channel.

I also made a new Spying with Lana video exclusively for Patreon backers.

Please check 'em out!
:iconartbrojohn: is starting a new story in his comic The Savage Sword of Sharona.

17396 Sharona TCB by ArtbroSean

The Call of Cucucthu

Sharona sallies forth on a BRAND NEW ADVENTURE filled with Bloodthirsty Cultists, Damsels in Distress, and an Eldritch Horror waiting to be awakened from its aeons old slumber! Can our top heavy heroine save the day without losing her sanity in the process?

Find out for yourself at

A made a process video of my painting of Poison Ivy (see the finished picture here) for my Youtube Channel.

I also made a new video showing the making of a Spying with Lana page, exclusively for my Patreon backers. To back Spying with Lana and see all the exclusive videos, get free comics and more, check out my Patreon page.
Lana's new case Best Served Hot has begins today!*
BSHpromo by ArtbroSean

-Crossing paths with Lana is like playing with fire, and plenty have gotten burned! But can Lana stay cool when an old enemy returns with a burning desire for revenge?-

Read it now on!

*Unless you're backing Lana on Patreon- if you are, you saw this page days ago! That's right, backers can see every page before it gets published on, as well as free comics, videos and more, so check it out!
I just uploaded a new speed paint process video on my Youtube Channel. It's a video of my picture of :iconjennypoussin:.

I hope you enjoy it! Also, if you want to see exclusive videos NOT on my Youtube channel, check out my Patreon page. I put out regular videos there you can't see anywhere else.

I also just released a new artist resource, a stock pack called Gunplay!
Gunplay468 by ArtbroSean
It's a collection of 46 realistic gunfire effects which you can use on Poser/DAZ renders, comic pages, or any sort of art. All the effects are easy-to-use drag & drop PNG layers. You can get it here:
Gunplay! Realistic Gunfire Effects Stock Set by ArtbroSean

And that's pretty much it....
I started my own Youtube channel for my art-related videos. There's just one video up so far, a process video of a sci-fi painting that I did in Painter & Photoshop. I'll be adding more regularly, as well as eventually some other things like tutorials, etc.

In addition, I have released a Spying with Lana process video exclusively for my Patreon backers.

Please check 'em out!

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You can now support me and the silly and sexy adventures of Spying with Lana on Patreon!

Backers can get:

  • Free Spying with Lana Uncut ebooks!
  • See new comic pages before they’re published!
  • Free Wallpaper!
  • Free Photoshop brushes and stock packs!
  • Process videos, sketches, WIPs!
  • Free Commissioned art! That’s right!
  • More rewards to be added!

So please check it out and consider backing me on Patreon!

Thank you!

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Case #14: Second Skin is now on sale as an uncut ebook!

Lana goes undercover with a mysterious mastermind to discover his secret plan. But with each mission getting more dangerous than the last, will Lana find that she's nothing but a pawn in the game?

Please check it out HERE!
Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all have a fun and very artsy 2015! :iconnewyearplz:

To that end, I now have a Tumblr art blog. I'll be posting concept sketches, paintings, WIPs, Spying with Lana stuff of course, and some other general art stuff there, so please check it out HERE!
Are you getting anything good for Christmas this year? When you support artists through Patreon, the answer is YES! You can get everything from comics to original art to tutorials to all kinds of great stuff (all while spreading a little Christmas cheer of your own)! So chip in to the Patreons of some of these talented deviants and get yourself what you really want this year!

Patreon page for :iconlacewingedsaby: a fantastic digital artist who does (among other things) terrific art of video game characters and scenes. Backers can get everything from WIPs to early access to new works to personalized facebook banners and commissions.

Patreon page for :iconsabrinapandora: co-creator and writer of funny, sexy, and action-packed comic Giant Girl. Backers can get more comic, be in the comic, even write some of the comic!

Patreon page for :iconsmbhax: whose nonpareil skill in pencil, ink, and watercolor is on display in his comic Supermassive Black Hole A*. Backers can actually get great original art including watercolor paintings every month!

Patreon page for :iconsidneymt: the talented artist of the comic Slimy Thief. Backers can choose what Sidney draws, including even getting your own character into the comic!

Patreon page for :icondavebarrack: of Grrl Power fame! Backers can get everything from ebooks to early page previews cameos in the comic!

Patreon page for :iconholly-the-laing: creator of the excellent sci-fi comic Terra. Backers can get page previews, scripts, PDFs of the comic, commission sketches; Holly will even design a Terra character for you!

Patreon page for :iconamberchrome: artist of not one, but two great comics, The Continentals and Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer. Backers can get everything from sketches to original art cards!

Patreon page for :icondidi-esmeralda: excellent freelance artist and future comic creator. Backers can get WIPs, full-size PSDs, process videos, and full-color commissions!

Patreon page for :iconmralexey: skilled and versatile artist. Backers can get new art every week, as well as tutorials and commissions!

So do yourself a favor and get Patreon-izing!

(What? You have a great Patreon and I forgot to mention you? :icondothisthingplz: Feel free to leave a link in the comments and I'll add you to the list.)
And here you thought I'd never get it done! :D
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But at long last I did, and this new never-before-seen ebook is on sale now!

Lana must infiltrate a dangerous gang to stop a deadly weapon prototype from falling into the wrong hands- which shouldn’t be too hard since she’s handcuffed to it!

Please check it out RIGHT HERE!