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One of my favorites artists :iconnunchaku: has just launched a Kickstarter for his graphic novel Enchanted Explorer.

It looks great and the prices for backing are very reasonable, so please check it out:…

He has a Youtube video with more information, too:…

Best of luck, Milos!
The new Spying with Lana case The Cat's Meow starts now!
CMbottom by ArtbroSean

One of the Agency's (as usual) unreliable assets may be double-dealing with the enemy, and it's up to sexy spy Lana to find out the truth- even if it kills her!

Please check it out HERE!
Once again this year, Spying with Lana is part of the Valentines Day Sex Drive an annual celebration of sexy art from a bunch of different webcomics.

You can check out all the entries right here on the Spying with Lana comic page.

Thanks for looking and happy Valentines Day to all!
Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone has a terrific 2014!

Lana's latest uncut ebook adventure Sweet Nothings is now on sale!

Top-secret technology has disappeared, but how did it happen? Could it have anything to do with a certain sexy spy that's been hanging around? Time to find out the truth!

GLSNtop by ArtbroSean

Check it out now at Drivethru Comics here!

Thanks for looking!
And a happy New Year, too! In fact, to make the new year a little happier, a new Spying with Lana uncut ebook will be coming out in early January (more on this in a future journal!)

But for now, have a happy, fun, blessed Christmas everybody!!
On mid-October 2008 (yeah, I don't remember exactly what day), Lana first began spying and generally getting into various sorts of trouble in black & white on a weekly basis. Now, 5 years have passed and she's still spying and getting into trouble, but twice a week and in color!

I wanted to do something special for this (sorta) momentous occasion, but since I do general promo sort of stuff all the time anyway, that didn't seem very special, so instead I would like to plug some other great online comics that I read and enjoy that are produced by fellow deviants:

Rival Angels by :iconalbonia: is a cool, well-drawn wrestling comic that does a great job of capturing realistic in-ring action in addition to the compelling storylines.

Giant Girl Adventures written by :iconsabrinapandora: is a really funny comic about a Giant femme fatale that battles giant monsters and other such things with her own unique flair.

Slimy Thief by :iconsidneymt: is a great humorous fantasy comic featuring a sexy thief whose body expands in contact with water. Sidney's art is top-notch, of course.

Pulse by :iconlightfootcomics: is a really fun sci-fi superhero story with a cool, unique art style and engaging characters.

The Continentals… drawn by :iconamberchrome: is a nifty period mystery about two unusual detectives trying to track down a mysterious murdering madman (how's that for aliteration!)

Spindrift featuring art & story by :iconelsakroese: is a complex and beautifully-drawn fantasy comic about a half-blood girl caught in the machinations between two rival races.

6-Commando… by :iconmraverage: is a terrific sci-fi war story with a lot of cool futuristic weapon/vehicle designs (something I like a lot) and a well-written plot.

Hexx by :iconheroforpain: is a cool comic about a supernatural crimefighter, which is now being produced as a webcomic where each page is being drawn by a different artist (it has been rumored that yours truly may even be doing one ;) (Wink) )

There are many others, of course, and as soon as I post this I will remember some other great comic that I've been reading for years that has totally slipped my mind, but for now check out these great comics, and please take a look at Spying with Lana which will hopefully run for many more years!
Lana's new case Second Skin has begun!
 GLSKbottom by ArtbroSean

Lana goes so far under cover she may never get out! It's one harrowing mission after another, as Lana tries to steal top-secret technology, uncover a mystery man's shadowy scheme, and stay alive through it all!

Please check it out here:
Alarums & Excursions: The Complete Outrageous Fortune collects the entire series with all the extra art and bonus strips into a single book!

You can now read every adventure as Outrageous Fortune, the world's greatest superhero fights crime, injustice, cinema verite, kangaroos, and various other evils with the help of his trusty sidekick President Grover Cleveland and an unnamed duck.

Get it in print:…
or in ebook form:…

Please check it out!
And here you thought I'd never get it finished!

The newest uncut Spying with Lana ebook is It Girl!
A team of heavily-armed assassins will stop at nothing to eliminate a young woman, and the only thing standing between her and death is Lana!

Check it out now at Drivethru Comics here:…

Drivethru takes Paypal and credit cards (and works better than my old system!) Please take a look!
Spying with Lana: Object of Desire is now available as a printed comic.
Please check it out here:…

You can still buy it in ebook format here, too:
I've just released two new sets of Art Nouveau resources for sale here on dA.

Art Nouveau Floral Frames:
Art Nouveau Floral Frame Set by ArtbroSean

Art Nouveau Mix & Match Backgrounds:
Art Nouveau Mix and Match Backgrounds by ArtbroSean

They are versatile and easy to use, and now on sale for just 300 points each. Please check them out!
:iconyankee30: who runs Gunsexy, one of my favorite dA groups, was kind enough to do a feature and an interview with me about Spying with Lana.

Please check it out here: and be sure to check out :iconyankee30:'s gallery and Gunsexy.

Thanks yankee30!
Lana's new case ACTION SQUAD! has begun!

Lana's next mission is too tough for just one agent, so what's a spy girl to do? It's the ACTION SQUAD to the rescue! But will teamwork save the day, or will Lana be wishing she was back on her own?....

Please check it out here:
Happy Valentines Day everybody!

Spying with Lana: Object of Desire has been released as an ebook with 8+ new pages not seen in the online comic. Please check it out here:

You can also read the current Spying with Lana storyline here:
Man, you folks are good! I hadn't counted on it being so tough to decide! There were much more just three pieces of terrific art, and picking three winners was really difficult. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that participated, and I hope everybody enjoyed the contest!

But on to the winners:

1st Place - "How did I lose that?!!" by :iconozzboyd:
2nd Place - "Undercover Nude" by :iconfromthedead:
3rd Place - "Lana Undercover" by :iconhunter-wolf:

Congratulations! I will send each of you a note about receiving your prizes.

BONUS! Even though there can only be three winners, all the art here was good enough to win. Everyone who participated will receive a free copy of the new Spying with Lana Object of Desire e-book! I'll need your email addresses, so send me a note with your email address and I'll send you your copy.

Thanks again to everybody who participated! I really appreciate you taking time out of your schedules to take part in my contest!
The Spying with Lana art contest has officially begun!

Okay, here are the rules:

Create a piece of art (in whatever way you create art; traditional, digital, 3d, photomanip, cosplay, photography, anythingelseimforgetting) on this theme: "Lana Undercover" (interpret that any way you like).

It can be a single picture or a multiple-panel comic, but it has to be a new piece of art created for this contest. You must put "Created for the Spying with Lana art contest" in the image description. Once it's posted, send me a note with a link to the image, and I'll include it in the competition. One entry per artist. Nothing that violates dA rules will be accepted. Nothing religious/political/controversial, please.

The contest will end on Feb. 6, 11:59 PM EST (-ish. Do you really think I'd be that precise?)
The winner will be determined in a completely arbitrary and subjective fashion by me just picking what strikes my fancy at the moment.

That's it!
Now on to the prizes! UPDATE! New prizes added!

-Every entry will receive a llama from me. If I've already given you one, :iconartbrojohn: will give you one. (If we've both already given you one, well we tried!)
-Entries will also be featured on a special page on here: with a link to your website/dA page, so please include the url you want me to link to in your note.

1st place:
-Free copy of the new Object of Desire uncut ebook before it's officially released
-1000 dA points
-I'll draw a picture of Lana for you (hey, you drew one for me, after all!) [Single picture, color, digital delivery, you pick the theme (usual commission content restrictions apply!)]
-Single-character color commission from :iconartbrojohn:
-Exclusive Brush pack + Stock set 1 (contains 5 stock images + 1 brush set) from :iconthe-average-alex:
-Llama from :iconthe-average-alex:
-NEW! One free item of your choice from our Renderosity store:…

2nd place:
-Free copy of the new Object of Desire uncut ebook before it's officially released
-600 dA points
-I'll draw a picture of Lana for you (same as above)
-Llama from :iconthe-average-alex:
-NEW! One free item of your choice from our Renderosity store:…

3rd place:
-Free copy of the new Object of Desire uncut ebook before it's officially released
-400 dA points
-I'll draw a picture of Lana for you (same as above)
-Llama from :iconthe-average-alex:
-NEW! One free item of your choice from our Renderosity store:…

These are the prizes so far. Other prizes may be added. If anyone else would like to donate prizes (llamas, points, commissions, tutorials, etc.) please send me a note telling what you'll donate and I'll add them to the prize pool! If you donate, you may still enter the contest, too.

Here are the contest entries so far:…
Thanks for looking, and good luck!
Lana and Spying with Lana are the (c) property of Sean Harrington (that's me!)
Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a great 2013 which will no doubt include reading lots of Spying with Lana and buying my comics (sorry, I had to sneak that in there).

What would really be great is an art contest, right?... Right?....

I'm thinking about running a Spying with Lana art contest when I finish the Spying with Lana: Object of Desire uncut comic/ebook that I'm currently working on and will (hopefully) finish soon.

The contest would be something broad and non-restrictive, along the lines of "Lana in a dangerous situation" or "Lana going undercover" or somesuch, so if you like the comic or just like drawing hot girls with guns, it could be fun (and of course there'll be a variety of prizes).

All forms of art are welcome; traditional, digital, 3D, photomanip, photography, cosplay (and anything else that I'm not remembering at the moment)!

So, would anyone be interested? If so, please leave a comment. If there's enough interest, I'll do it. If not, not.

Thanks for reading, and do have a blessed and happy new year!
Lana's new case Sweet Nothings has begun!

A villain's secret prototype has gone missing, despite his best efforts to keep it safe! Could Lana have something to do with this?...

Please check it out here:
FPS Creator is a great software program that lets you make your own first-person shooter games without having to write a bunch of code and such. I bought it a while ago, and it's a lot of fun and it is really easy to lay out game levels and make a game (and it's pretty low-priced for what it does).

Now the group that makes FPS Creator is working on an upgrade that would add a lot of really cool features that would really make this program great.

It's called FPS Creator Reloaded and they're fundraising for it at Kickstarter here:…

(I should note that I'm not related/employed/connected with this, I'm just hoping to get it as it would help some game-making plans that I have.)
The Spying with Lana comics that I mentioned in the last journal entry (Naughty Nurse Lana, Ring of Fire, and Doubleplay) are now for sale! Please check them out here: